The Babies' Room 
1405 NW 23rd ave
Gainesville, Fl 32605

   The Babies' Room located in Gainesville, Florida is the oldest and most unique Children's and Maternity shop in North Central Florida. The Babies' Room began it's existence very humbly over 23 years ago as nothing more than a 600 square foot consignment shop. The Babies' Room is a family owned and operated business that grew out of necessity and sprung to life out of demand of you, the customer.

   In 2003, Tara and Jonathan Richardson became the proud parents of not only their second child but, Gainesville's oldest children's consignment shop, Weecycle. Weecycle was already known throughout the area as the premiere outlet for gently used children's products. What the proud new owners had not expected was the great demand in Gainesville for new baby products. Many a parent complained that the City of Gainesville which might be the perfect place to raise a family, lacked even a single specialty baby store. So, in 2005 Weecycle Children's and Maternity consignment opened Gainesville's first Baby and Mother Specialty store.

    The Babies' Room and Weecycle located in Northwest Gainesville has combined to offer the best of both worlds, in that, parents are able to find under one roof everything they need for an expanding family. With over 7000 square feet of showroom. The Babies' Room offers complete lines of Baby Furniture, Baby Travel Gear, and Accessories. Come by and see for yourself that The Babies' Room and Weecycle have everything your looking for.

    Feel free to ask our educated staff about the latest in safety standards in furniture, car seats or strollers, or nursing supplies. Whether you're expecting your first baby, purchasing a unique gift, or shopping for that special child in your life, The Babies' Room is there to help you find the perfect item.

The Babies' Room Offers:

  • Top rated Baby Furniture that can be used from newborn to adulthood
  • Bedding and accessories for nursery walls, diaper changing and bathing areas
  • Unique Gift Items and Educational toys from birth to middle school


Email us at if you are looking for a specific item or have questions about any of our products.